Job 21540

Mayfield East - Newcastle
8am - 5pm Wednesday and Thursday
Live in
$25 per hour.
This family is expecting their third child in June and require the help of a nanny commencing July.
Three children, B5, B3 and NB.
Daily Routine.
Wednesdays the newborn and middle child, B3 will be at home. B5 will be at preschool until 3.30pm. B3 currently attends ballet class at 9.30am every Wednesday.

Thursdays will involve all three children for the day. B3 and B5 currently have swimming lessons at 9.30am every Thursday.
Duties will involve working alongside Mum to manage the three children and light household duties.

Who does what with each child may vary week to week depending on the needs of the children. Mum is planning to predominately breastfeed the newborn but is also hoping to introduce a small amount of formula each day to enable her to spend time with the older children and perhaps get a rest here and there.

A competent carer so that if one of the older kids needs some time with Mum, she can take them to one of their classes or out for a walk and a milkshake, for example.

Also someone experienced in setting boundaries with preschool aged boys!

The boys are full of energy and need a lot of stimulation so there will be park visits, trampoline park visits, etc, etc to burn that stuff out!

The ideal candidate will be;

Vaccinated, or willing to get vaccinated, prior to commencing.

Happy to work along side Mum at times but also competent, able to set clear boundaries and be comfortable caring for 2-3 children at times, sole charge.

Mum's happy to train up/guide a person who has strong experience with preschoolers but not necessarily infant babies.

There will ideally be some dates in June, prior to the start date, that the nanny can be scheduled and get to know the family and slip in when Dad returns to work in July.
Start date
3rd July 2019
Finish date

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