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Vaucluse - Sydney
4 days Mon,Tue,Thur, Fri 8am-6pm (flexible for another 4 days or different hours)
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Relaxed, friendly family in Vaucluse looking for a warm, engaged caregiver to support independent B5years, starting Kindergarten in Bellevue Hill in Feb 2022 and to help mum with caring for newborn (due Jan 2022).

A bit different from your average placement -- enjoy a diverse day which will evolve over the course of the year.

Initially (months 1 - 3) primarily caring for B5y providing 1:1 time with nanny before and after school. You will help with majority of drop off and pick ups during this time (school is 10m from home), making lunchboxes and doing after school activities. During the day provide extra pair of hands helping with ad-hoc newborn care duties: settling and nap routines, watching the baby so mum can leave the house for short periods.

Come Winter, when baby is ~4months and B5y has settled into new home/school routine, you’ll undertake more independent caretaking of baby, as mum returns to flexible working schedule 2-3 days a week. Mum is self-employed and can structure work/home routine in conversation with you.

Very limited child-related household duties expected – the family have extra support with this – but of course we appreciate a helpful attitude about occasionally emptying the dishwasher, for example.

Open to working with someone with limited experience, but value someone who is organised and confident (to be able to lead and support a B5y) and is able to manage a newborn/young infant.

Drivers licence required. Own car preferred, but family car, or a car for your sole use, is an option.

Parents are fully vaccinated and would like to request a nanny that is fully vaccinated.

The family are flexible with start date – in January or can consider a later start if preferred.

Ideal days would be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am-6pm however the family are happy to consider another 4 day combination or different hours if preferred eg two longer days and two shorter days and happy to discuss.

The family are ideally looking for a minimum 12 month commitment with the view to be longer term.
Start date
10 Jan 2022 (flexible start da
Finish date
Min 12 months - Ongoing

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