Job 21994

Northbridge - Sydney
2 days Wed and Fri 7.30am- 7.30pm or 9am-3pm
Live in
$28-$30 depending on candidate
Mum in Northbridge is currently on maternity law and is seeking an experienced caring nanny for their 3 month old son. He is a very chilled out and happy baby. He is in a good routine and sleeps well.

Wed and Fri - either half or full days approx 9-3pm or 7.30-7.30pm

If working full days the morning and evenings will also require care of their 21 month old daughter. During the day she will either be with mum or the grandparents although it would be great if the nanny could sometimes take her instead of the newborn (and I’ll take the newborn).

Half day’s - duties will involve:
- settling baby (self settles)
- nappy changes
- playing with baby
- light housework eg folding and putting away clothes, emptying dishwasher, washing kids clothes, cooking while baby is sleeping.
- bottle feeding (once weaned) and then feeding purées and solids.

Full day additional duties:
- feeding toddler dinner
- bathing & dressing
- adult dinner preparation
- cleaning and tidying up after her meals and at the end of the day her play areas and keeping her bedroom tidy.

Experience with newborns essential.

The family are happy to offer the hours Wednesday and Friday 9am-3pm if the nanny is only interested in caring for the baby only.
Hours can be offered 7.30am-7.30pm if the nanny is happy to care for both children.
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